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Cooking in the 6ix


Hi! I'm Janelle. This is my blog where I share the recipes I'm currently cooking. I've been obsessed with scrolling through pinterest and trying out all the yummy-looking recipes so I thought it would be a fun project to start blogging about my adventures in the kitchen. My other hobby of watching way too much Food network, Masterchef, Top chef and TLN (um Lidia SLAYSSS) also prompted me to start sharing my cooking experiences :) When I'm not working full-time as a management consultant, I try to get my creative juices flowing by testing out new recipes and creating new content right here on my blog!


I'm very much a beginner cook but love food and love trying new recipes. I don't have years of experience experimenting in the kitchen so I try to make simple, easy and straight forward recipes. I have always been inspired by the creativity showcased on all those crazy cooking reality TV shows as well as the immaculate pictures you find on all of the popular food blogs.... but I didn't think I had the knack in the kitchen to be able to create similar dishes. But through my food journey (which is very much in the beginning stages) I've learned that cooking doesn't have to be intimidating and ANYONE can create a delicious meal! So I'm hoping that you enjoy following along my cooking and food blogging journey, I'm having a blast so far!


Not to be forgotten, my other passion is travelling! I've been lucky to have been to so many amazing places and thought I would include a small gallery of pictures from my travels! My favourite places I've visited so far are: Tokyo, Japan; Boracay, Philippines; Paris, France; Sorrento, Italy; Southern Iceland and Dubai, UAE. My bucket list destinations include: New Zealand, Patagonia, Vietnam and Scandinavia - hopefully I can cross some of these places off soon!


Hope you find something that interests you! And check out the links below to my various social media feeds & foodgawker submissions to keep up with what I'm cooking!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back :)


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