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Prosciutto Roses & Melon Cubes - A Lovely Addition to your Summer Charcuterie

As some of you may have noticed on my instagram story, I am thrilled to announce that I have partnered with an amazing organization called Basqet. You can visit Basqet to see all the fresh, organic and local food they have to offer:

Basqet is an online marketplace that sources organic food from the best local farmers markets across the GTA and delivers the food right to your doorstep! How amazing is that? For someone who works full-time downtown and whose schedule is otherwise filled with events and other commitments this is the perfect solution to get my organic groceries delivered right to my house while supporting our local farmers, all with the click of a button! It's also wonderful that Basqet is not only an advocate of supporting local farmers, but they are really trying to promote healthier eating and lifestyles by make these healthier and locally grown options available to everyone across the GTA.

I live in Thornhill and it's not quite easy to get to local farmers markets every week so I was super excited to learn how Basqet is helping solve this problem. They have employed Basqet Neighbourhood Pools that are concentrated delivery times that allow them to give FREE DELIVERY on everyone’s order! You also get discount pricing on popular items and reduce the environmental impact while farmers gain access to more customers.

I can't say enough about this great service! And for my first recipe using 100% of ingredients delivered by Basqet, I thought I would keep it super simple and summery because with ingredients this fresh, you don't need to do too much ;) And can I just mention, the organic cantaloupe was probably the most delicious melon I've ever had! Even Jason (my BF) couldn't stop eating it!

My friends and I are huge lovers of charcuterie plates and you will often find us pigging out on one during our girls nights! For summer, I thought that this Prosciutto roses & melon appetizer would be a lovely addition to any charcuterie board. I was inspired by this cute presentation that I found on Lauren Conrad's blog (LOVE.HER!! #goals #teamLC). Take a peek at the "recipe" (more like instructions lol) on how to assemble this beautiful appetizer that is sure to impress at your next summer gathering.

And if you wanted to recreate this for yourself using locally sourced and organic produce, the Basqet is up and ready for purchase here: Prosciutto Roses & Melon Cube Appetizer Basqet

Prosciutto Roses & Melon Cube Appetizer

1/2 of a large cantaloupe

1/2 of a large honeydew

3 pieces of prosciutto

9 basil leaves

1. Slice the cantaloupe and melon into cubes and then place the cubes on a large serving platter.

2. With clean kitchen scissors, cut the prosciutto pieces into 3 strips lengthwise. Roll each piece so that it looks like a rose bud. Place the prosciutto roses around the cut melon and add a few leaves of basil to each "rose". And that's it! A pretty simple "recipe" that is a beautiful addition to your appetizer and chartcuterie plates.

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