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#InTheKitchenWithMomandDad - Kare Kare

A Sunday well spent is in the kitchen with my parents learning from the best! This past weekend my parents were making my FAVORITE Filipino dish - kare kare! This is a delicious dish that is made using oxtail, peanut butter, bok choy (pechay), green beans and seasoning. The oxtail is cooked in a pressure cooker to really make it nice and tender and the rest is added after!

I still have to attempt this myself, and will be posting the recipe once I do! My parents use the old 'eyeball' technique when adding in the ingredients so I wasn't able to get the detailed measurements lol

I love sharing the amazing and delicious dishes from my Filipino Culture, so thought I would put together this video showing the different steps of preparing this meal! Surprisingly, it is a very simple method of cooking and I can't wait to try to make it for myself!

Enjoy the video and pictures and leave me a comment below (it's a NEW FEATURE I've installed on my blog) :)

Above: My dad prepping the green beans!

Above: Rinsed and ready to go, a bowl of beautiful pechay (bok choy)

Above: The magic ingredient (remember my post about "magic sauces??") this is bagoong alamang, and is a MUST HAVE when eating the kare kare :)


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