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Hello Long Weekend <3

The long weekend is ALMOST here!!!

I thought I'd share my excitement as well as some long weekend inspo with the blogosphere! I've paired some of my favorite recipes with popular long weekend activities :

  • Any campers out there? How about some comforting mac and cheese while you're snuggled by the campfire!

  • Or enjoying some summer fare while getting that perfect instagram snap on a rose gold flamingo floatie?

  • Heading up north? Wouldn't you love to enjoy some canape's on a double rigged canoe with your boo?

  • Or try your hand at some traditional Filipino food and host a Kamayan party - utensils optional :)

  • Lastly, celebrate our great Country's 150th birthday (Oh Canada!) with some patriotic gear & eats....

Take a look at my long weekend round-up and have a safe and happy long weekend <3



Camping Anyone?

How dreamy is this camping set-up? Hopefully your camp site looks as glam as this! But even if you're car camping at Algonquin or another provincial park, check out my campsite worthy recipes to satisfy all your foodie friends!

Glamping tent inspo from

Did someone say Pool Party?

Um I need this rose gold flamingo pool floatie - so cute! And while your soaking up the sun in your summer bikini's I've kept my summery food fare on the lighter side! These summer apps and pasta salads are a pool time necessity:

Rose gold flamingo floatie from Amazon

Livin' the Cottage Life

For those of us brave to venture through the traffic up North, the beautiful and bountiful Ontario lakes will reward you! There's nothing like waking up in cottage country, making a savoury Caesar (extra spicy please!) and spending the rest of the day on the deck or in the water! Keep the food and menu quick and easy so you can maximize your R&R! And if you have this double rigged canoe, enjoy some canapes and yummy treats...maybe bring some bubbly ;)

Canoe with your boo inspo from

No utensils necessary!

I'm definitely a big fan of the #filipinofoodmovement, and what better way to experiment with your taste buds than by enjoying a Kamayan feast! Typically served on banana leaves, mounds of rice are topped with various Filipino grilled foods and traditional dishes! If you don't want to tackle this big Filipino feast, try some of my family's fave Filipino dishes!

Kamayan (as pictured) inspo from pampalasa

Proud to be CANADIAN!

Happy birthday to this beautiful country I call home! 150 years is definitely a milestone birthday and I'm sure many of us will be out celebrating our great Nation, here is some patriotic Canadiana inspo for my fellow Canucks :)

Canada Flag clutch from Life of Manek



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