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Grilled Apricots with Goat Cheese, Honey & Pecans

Who doesn't love a great summer time BBQ with a delicious spread of grilled treats? So why not try to grill some fruit the next time you fire up the grill :) I'm sharing with you a grilled apricot stuffed with goat cheese and finished with honey & pecans recipe!! I found this stuffed apricot idea on DomesticFits and thought that grilling the apricots would be a fun way to make this perfect for the summer.

Once again, I've teamed up with the great people @ Basqet to make sure I'm getting the best and freshest organic produce and supporting our local farmer's markets! If you wanted to learn more about Basqet, check out my first recipe post I did with them here: Prosciutto roses & melon

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Continue on down for more pictures & the step by step recipe!

Grilled Apricots with Goat Cheese, Honey & Pecans

Adapted from DomesticFits

6 apricots, pitted and cut in half

3/4 C grated goat milk cheddar from Prince Edward County

1/2 C chopped certified organic pecans, roughly chopped

2 tbsp honey from Ontario Honey Creations

*all the above ingredients are available at their freshest by Basqet! Get them here!

1. Grill the apricots, cut side down for about 2 minutes or until the edges get browned and caramelized. I did this on my stove using a cast iron pan, but if you're grilling outside you can definitely throw these on the BBQ grill for a more charred and grilled effect!

2. Roll the shredded goat milk cheddar cheese into a log that is as thick as the apricot pits. Then simply cut the log into 12 pieces and stuff each apricot with a piece of goat cheese. I liked to roll each piece into a ball so that it essentially replaces where the pit used to sit!

3. Plate the stuffed apricots onto your serving plate and then drizzle the honey all over the. Tip: If your honey isn't runny enough to drizzle, just microwave for about 15 seconds! Then finish off and sprinkle with the chopped pecans! There you have it, a simple and delicious summer treat ready to serve, devour & enjoy!!!

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