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  • Janelle

#FilipinoFoodSessions - Turon! Banana Spring Rolls

Helloooo!! I'm back with another installment of my #FilipinoFoodSessions and this time I'm showing you how to make one of the easiest & most popular Filipino desserts slash snacks - Turon! So what is Turon?? Turon is a basically a Banana Spring Roll and it's a popular street food you will find in the Philippines. In my version I use plantain, brown sugar and jack fruit for the filling and roll it all up into a spring roll wrapper.

Turon is a definitely a fan favorite in my family, the crispy and crunchy shell with the sweet plantain and jack fruit filling is addictive :) I can eat a whole lot of these and I'm not ashamed! lol And the best part about this is how EASY it is so make, the prep time does not take long at all and then frying only takes minutes!

If you've never made a spring roll before, I've added a few pictures at the bottom of the recipe showing you my spring roll wrapping "technique" :) So read on to see the complete step by step recipe for this super popular Filipino dish and try it out home yourself!

Check out my youtube video (below) for the turon wrapping "technique" :)


Serves 9

1 plantain, sliced

3/4 C brown sugar

1/2 C jack fruit (langka)

9 medium sized spring roll wrappers

small bowl of water (for sealing the spring rolls)

1. Prep: Cut your plantain into three sections, then slice each section into 3 slices. Place one spring roll wrapper on a clean plate (placing it down so that it is in the shape of a diamond). In a shallow dish, add in the brown sugar and then roll one slice of the plantain into the brown sugar to coat it evenly.

2. Time for wrapping: Place the sugar coated plantain horizontally in the middle of the wrapper. Add 2 pieces of jack fruit on top of the plantain. Feel free to sprinkle more brown sugar on top of the jack fruit if you'd like! Now take the bottom point of the wrapper and fold it on top of the plantain, then bring in the sides of the wrapper to make a little envelope of plantain! Roll it up and put some water on the last spring roll wrapper edge to help seal the turon! Repeat until you have rolled all of your plantain slices! I've added in a few pictures below to show you how to wrap up the turon!

3. Time to fry: Heat about 1 inch of oil in a frying pan on medium-high heat. Sprinkle in about 1/2 tbsp of brown sugar into the oil. Once the oil is hot and the brown sugar starts to float you can begin frying. Place a few turon into the oil (you can fry in batches if they don't all fit at once) and fry each side for about 2 minutes. Once the turon are a crispy golden, brown and covered with caramelized brown sugar.... remove from the oil into a colander to let the excess oil drip off. And then you are ready to serve, devour & enjoy!!!


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