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Al Fresco Dining - My Dream Patio & A Summer Recipe to Match <3

Dining outdoors is such a treat for me! Living in Toronto, the summer weather is so unpredictable that you really have to luck out if you want to pull off an outdoor get-together. I recently moved into a townhouse that has a great rooftop patio space and I've been dreaming up what my perfect outdoor dining area would look like, so I was SO happy to collaborate with on my Dream Patio Blogger Picks!

I had so much fun perusing Wayfair's hugeeee and gorgeous inventory of outdoor dining options and I pulled together a look that I LOVE! Check out what I dreamed up below and why I choose each item. Click on each product to take you to the specific Wayfair department to take a peek at all the beautiful items, keep an eye out for the purple"Blogger Pick" Badge on everything "Janelle approved"!

And of course I had to cook up a summer al fresco meal to go along with the dream patio set! Click here for my Grilled Shrimp with a "Summer" mix sauce! I also share the recipe for a Mango with Pepita's Quinoa Salad to complete this al fresco meal :)

Janelle's Blogger Picks - Dream Outdoor Patio Space

I love the way flowers enhance a dining table! How can you resist this beautiful combination of peonies and hydrangeas, a flawless arrangement for a summer spread!

These handcrafted embossed goblets are the perfect vessels for a summer sangria or a fresh lemonade. I love the delicate rose colour paired with the intricate details.

Patio chairs can be boring and uneventful, so that’s why I love this simple yet stunning rose gold stainless steel chair. Paired with a rustic wooden table, it can really make a bold statement!

A large, rustic farm table sets the stage for many perfect evenings sharing meals with your loved ones. This dining table comfortably seats 6 and the antique grey finish is absolutely stunning. It makes the perfect backdrop for all your summer celebrations.

This versatile tiered stand can hold a variety of goodies and treats at your dinner table. The marble tiers allow for the perfect presentation of fresh fruit canapes or some artisan cheeses and meats and of course delicious homemade baked goods. A practical and gorgeous addition to your outdoor dining area.

Keep an eye out for all my "Blogger's Pick" Badges up on

What did you think of my outdoor dining patio picks? Let me know how you would pull together your ideal dining space!

And of course, I whipped up a few recipes for an al fresco meal inspired by my dream patio! Check out my blog post for Grilled Shrimps with a "Summer" Mix sauce, that would be perfect for an outdoor meal :)



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